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Sending organisation’s data:

Organisation: Asociatia Zöld Nap (Green Sun Association)

Post address: strada Ghioceilor, nr. 12, bl.17, sc.A, ap. 4,
Postal code: 525400
Town: Targu Secuiesc
Country: Romania

Phone: +40766.61066
Fax: -
Contact: Mr Ráduly Attila

Signatory: Ráduly Attila
Position: president

Contact person: Derzsi Katalin
Mobile: +40741.037061

Short description of Association:
The Association Zöld Nap is an environmental, professional-scientific organization which was established in the summer of 2009. The members of the association are ecologists, economists, fine artists, but one can find in the group teachers, engineers and sociologists as well. We formed alliance in the consciousness of our dissimilarity, fighting for a politically and religiously independent cause, a fight that we have to win together. On the fivest anniversary of the Green Sun Association’s activity we can talk about more than 500 events that we organized.
The objects of the association are:
- to promote environmental mentality
- to promote civilian self-awareness in our region and to clarify for people living in the ‘Three Chairs’ region that civilian organizations can help a lot in resolving the ecological-sociological problems.
- to promote healthy lifestyle
The realization of our engagement, the ‘Nemere’ Trail, will have a good influence on the developing of the society in our region by helping the spreading the news about easily attainable healthy ways of living, and it also might contribute to the development of the local tourism and to the taking to local products.
The complete route goes through around fifty settlements, touching at least 30 different mineral water sources and 187 mansions. It reveals the unique natural and cultural treasures of the Upper Three Chairs and offers a glimpse of the region’s customs, traditions and way of life. The length of the road is 230 km long on the whole, 150 km of which can be found in the area of Targu Secuiesc, and 70 km in Orbaiszek.

EI ref: 2013-RO-78

PIC code: 949404767

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Frequently asked questions

In what way will you prepare the volunteer for EVS?
As a Sending Organisation we will prepare the volunteer before her departure by providing all the necessary help and support required. Pre-departure training is organised by Sending Organisation. We enrol volunteer in AXA insurance and inform about the procedures when operating with AXA insurance and assist the volunteer in getting the European Heath Insurance Card. We inform the volunteer about her responsibilities and rights during the EVS projects according to the EVS guidelines. If volunteer has an interest, we provide a short introduction into the language and cultural issues done by some ex volunteer. During the pre-departure training we work on all the emotional aspects which volunteer could face: cultural shock, stereotypes, intercultural issues and as well we work on the motivation, project development, crisis situations, etc.

What support will you give to the volunteer and how will you keep contact during the EVS?
She will have at her disposition one person, with who can talk and discuss all the problems she has. As sending organization we provide the pre-departure training and we will help her with insurance, and inform about her duties and rights as on EVS volunteer.
We will keep contact with our her trough internet, skype discussions during the project.

How will you evaluate the project with the volunteer?
We will evaluate the project as sending organisation during the project and we are going to send our report after 15 days when she is returning home. She will write the volunteer report , based on the journal that she is writing daily/ weakly (as we recommend) so in the end would be easy. She can base in our help in every situation.

What actions will you take to evaluate the project and disseminate results after the project? If you need any funds, please make a budget.
The results will be easily disseminated by the participants via preparing interesting materials for local newspapers and magazines, and giving interviews to local TV channels. This will be done to encourage the young people to be involved in further projects that the participants are going to introduce in a short period of time after the end of this project..
The visibility of the project will be provided on the Internet:,,,, and other sites operating in youth domenion, and websites for specialists in Hungarian and Romanian languages.
Visibility of the project lies in the fact that not only the project but also the results and continuation of it will be presented to the public without discrimination based on gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability or sexual orientation.

How the volunteers will be trained and supported after the Service?
Green Sun Association will organise an individual evaluation meeting for the volunteer where our colleeges talk about his/her experiences, learnings, happy moments and difficulties and help him/her in the integration back into his/her home country. It can be a hard task for an EVS volunteer to get back to the "gray weekdays" and to handle the feeling that their friends and family do not understand what they experienced. It is always useful that they can talk about these feelings with Green Sun Association as our colleeges were also EVS volunteers in the past. Also the Association can provide carrier advices and help in finding next steps for future volunteering and European projects.