ESC, On Arrival Training

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From October 24 to 28 the national agency of Romania implemented On-Arrival training for the new ESC volunteers throughout the country. Me (Mariam Evanesyan from Armenia), Alik Mazmanyan (the other Armenian volunteer), and SososTkhlashidze (from Georgia) had the chance to meet each other on the online platform, discover the Romanian culture, and understand our mission.

The trainers, Andreea Hagiu & Nicoleta Olga Chis-Racolta, didn’t let us get bored. The training was full of energizers, and exercises. Also, during the training, we had the chance to enjoy Romanian songs.

We had some tasks that we should do in groups. It was nice to speak with people who came from different countries, and who are in the same situation as we are. Together we discovered lots of things about Romanian culture, cuisine, dances, and traditions. They are volunteering in different cities, and we want to visit each other and be good friends.

One of the most important things is that we had discussions about conflicts and their solutions. We had the chance to make action plans for our SMART goals and we are going to work on them with our mentors.

The only unfavorable thing was that the training was online. But the trainers said that Mid-Training has some possibilities to be offline, and I can’t wait for that, because I think in that way it will be more effective and better to have offline discussions with our new friends. 

Author: Mariam Evanesyan