Winter in Romania

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It may sound silly, but I love adventure. Yes, I have been to dozens of places, I have seen the good and bad sides of travelling, and I am not supposed to get excited but, still, I am. Travelling is not an easy task. A lot of times, you just feel down and lonely and question if it is really worth it. Being with people that I like and laugh helped in those times. It is strange how a small gathering or a cupcake can change your mood entirely and let you see things from another perspective.

The Green Sun Association Christmas event with other volunteers was one of the things that made me feel like home. The members of the Association had the chance to exchange homemade gifts and the most important to have fun. New Years Eve found me in Bucharest with old lovely friends. I have to admit that Bucharest was like a fairytale with all the lights and decorations. Of course I didn’t stay only in Bucharest I went to Sinaia the “Carpathian Pearl '' and then after a small stop to Brașov I returned to Târgu Secuiesc. The first week of January I took part in Green Sun daily camp for kids. A week full of games, music, a lot of dance, laugh and a lot of kids. This was the best start for 2021. Kids have this power to make everything look so easy and they can bring magic. After that intense week Halis Özcan, Adrienn Nikolett Veress and I went to Sibiu. I have to admit that officially Sibiu is my favorite city in Romania. This city has an amazing energy, a positive vibe and I had the chance to visit it with a great company and that made this trip unique.

I can say that I had a wonderful month full of emotions and happy moments. All in all, I came to Romania because I love travelling, I stayed in Romania because I fell in love and I will leave Romania full of love. 

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