Orienteering competition in W. Wegener Park

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In the afternoon of October 14. 2020, took place the orientation contest in W. Wegener Park, organized by the Green Sun Association and the Wegener Pro Sanitate Foundation. Photos from the event are available on the association's Facebook page.

In the orienteering competition instead of the 4 categories, only 2 categories competed, so in the category under 10 years old, 12 participants registered, while in the category 11-14 years old 6 participants. Considering the fact that the event had to be postponed 4 times due to the unfavorable weather and due to the situation created by the pandemic, the number of participants was significant. The competitors at the starting point received the map of the park together with a card. On the map they could see 8 existing tree species in the park, marked in their place. Next to each species of tree they had to find the hidden stickers, which they need to stick on the received card. After finding each sticker they had to run back to the starting point.

The competition focused on both the speed of the participants and their qualities of orientation and recognition of different tree species. The purpose of the competition was to promote running, orienteering and knowledge of existing tree species in W. Wegener Park.

Winners: Under 10 years: 1st Prize - Akácsos Hann - 9 years old, 2nd prize. - Zsigmond Andrea - 7 years old, third prize. - Petrikó János - 10 years old.

11-14 years: I. Felszegi Brigitta Prize - 11 years old, II prize Molnár Szabolcs - 11 years old, third prize Koter Krisztián Gedeon - 12 years old

In addition to medals and diplomas, the winners received various prizes. The contest will be organized in the future as well.