Teambuilding afternoon

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On the last Sunday of July, a day after after arriving back from a long week of transnational project update trip in Eger, Hungary about the migration problems of the Hungarian youth; the Green Sun Association organized a teambuilding event in the Sports Centre of Târgu Secuiesc. 16 members came together to strengthen their connection of work and friendship.The day's main goal was to offer an interactive and meaningful program where the participants could improve their connection with each other, improve their skills and competences, strengthen their and teamwork through various tasks, from light concentration games, to harder, more soul-centered activities.

Throught the sessions projected by Katalin Derzsi, the participants also got a brief sneak-peak into the organization’s everyday life, when they had to find possible challenges about the association's events, as well as solutions to theres problems. The group had a chance to step out of their comfort zone and try themselves in different ways.

After the eventful afternoon, the team visited the local bowling/skittle alley to release the possible tension gained throughout the weeks. Part of the group who didn't come to bowling, visited Băile Bálványos for a refreshing swim and bath. Photos taken during these days can be seen on the Green Sun Association's Facebook page.

The teambuilding event was supported by the Local Office of Sport, the Bethlen Gábor Fund Management and the Erasmus+ programme.

Authos: Bagyinka Ágota

Photo: Beck Orsolya