On-Arrival Training for the EVS volunteers

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In the past week, the 3 volunteers of Green Sun Association participated the "On-Arrival Training" in Bucharest, where they gained in-depth knowledge on the EVS program.

In a nutshell: 5 days of intensive work, 4 sessions a day on Erasmus +, intercultural communication, conflict management, cultural differences, 4 trainers, 33 volunteers from 12 countries who are doing their voluntary service in Romania during this season.

Green Sun Asssociation volunteer, Carmen Gallardo Serrano's opinion about the training:  "It was a great experience, it has changed me in a positive way it motivates me to continue my EVS project here, and gave me many things I can take back home afterwards."

Special thanks to the organizers and trainers:  Eugenia Barbu, Ecaterina Gabriela Mindrila, Sandra Horea, Mariann Kinga Arkosi

For more photos visit the association's Facebook page.

Sponsor: Erasmus +

Author: Fabók Zsófia

Photo: Ilaria Romito