The last article

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So, finito…( Yes, one year run away and now time to go back.

From one hand I am very happy. The cause is I will see my family, my country, my friends, I missed a lot. From other hand I am leaving here one part of my heart.I lived here almost one year and now is very hard to imagine my life without Kézdivásárhely. I will always remember my adventures in Romania and in Kezdi as well.

Now I am full of emotions and I don’t now what to write. That is happening when you want to say a lot of, a lot of things but that is too difficult.

During 11 months I discovered for myself one beautiful place with a kind people. This year was totally different for me because I lived one unusual life for me.

I want to say thank you all of my friends in Kezdi. But there is one special person for me- Eszter. Esztiii, you are the best. I hope to see you again..)

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