My last month in Romania

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Now is February. It means this is the last month of our project. 11 month, almost 1 year just flew away. Last year during this period I prepared myself for coming to Romania. And when I arrived here, of course some things were the same as I imaged but some things were totally different. But now here everything is very usual for me. But everything has beginning and end․ So I need to enjoy my last days in Kezdi.

So, last week we had one trekking to Asztag stone. That was a bit long and difficult because of winter. But anyway, that was a different day, also I was with my friends, so I could survive..))) The interesting thing is that, when I arrived here in third day was organised trekking. And now when I am going to leave Romania, again trekking..)

In common the days are passing here as usual. I mean nothing special didn't take place. Just now I am preparing myself for leaving Romania. I hate to say goodby but that is the life. I will here my friends and that 11 month which I will never forget. But finally I will see my motherland- my Armenia, my family and my little niece. I think no necessary to write that I missed them a lot.


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