Going back to the routine!

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After a very good holidays I only can be full with energy for continue with the end of the project in Romania. Cold weather gave me the chance to feel how is live in this conditions, so I only can say that I´m very proud to have clothes and a house to live in, It´s hard to know that a lot of people is dying due to the cold wave and nobody does nothing for it. As I said in the previous article, Enrique and I went to Poland 8 days where thermometer hardly changed from -20ºC, besides snow was getting wet our clothes during some days and whilst, our minds where imagining some bad moments that Polish people had over time. Maybe I can´t say that was my best travel until now because every country or city has some special, but Poland transmitted me a lot of feelings, goods and bads, and above all, made me see how cruel the human can be. I red a lot of things about Second World War and I watched some films which refer to the concentration camps, but isn´t comparable with the bad feelings experienced when you are inside one of them and your mind cannot stop to think about it, something that never must be destroyed to show the people the perfect example of what should never happen again.

On the other hand, in addition to history, we were able to taste some typical and delicious dishes such as pierogi, beet soup or bigos and also something hot every two hours was necessary to combat the cold, so we drank many tasty teas and infusions to keep warm our bodies.

Once back, its time to work again, calendar was print and I like it so next goal it’s the third edition of EVS newspaper where trough a survey we will try to guess how sportive and healthy is the people in Kézdi and surroundings. Furthermore, we need to work in a short film with the aim of show the project to another people, so there is no time to lose!! I must work hard, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Lately I´m fond of to sing Hungarian and Romanian songs.. also I need time for that… and I can´t not forget about Norway puzzle, must be necessary to finish with it before Febreuary!

Otherwise nothing more, I recommend you if you have the chance, to visit Poland.

Time to sleep or maybe sing ;).. (jó, jó, jó nekem…)

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