The snow is telling his fairy-tale

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Well, very soon is New Year. I am a bit sad because in my country New year is celebrating quite different. But in anyway, this is my first and last New Year which I will meet out from my homeland, so I can survive. Here already 2 day is snowing. That is really nice. Snow's flakes like a silver butterflies falling down from the sky. And all around is white. So, the snow is telling his fairy- tale and we are continue to live and make that fairy-tale completely.

In December took place some interesting things. At first was my birthday =D I became 29. I am not so happy for it but what can I do?? The day of my birthday In Ikafalva village was organaized armenian national evening. I presented my country as well as I could. I have to do it one more in 26th of Junuary in Kezdivasarhely.

My friends went to Spain after my birthday and few days I was alone. But I didn't get bored because I met my other friends here, educated myself... and also I received a lot of gifts for my birthday and for Christmas. Christmas's day for me wasn't special because in my country Christmas's is in 6th of Junuary, so 25 of December for me was a usual day. But me and Eszter decorated Christma's tree in Eszter's house. It was really funny end joyful.

2 days before Silvia and Enrique come back from Spain. They also bring me a lot of presents.

Today (12.59.26) morning I was sad, very sad. That is auful when in morning you are opening Facebook and reading about tree armenian victims. The cause is Azerbajanin attack on Armenia. Of course I can't do nothing if even was in Armenia but in any case you are felling sad when you are far away and this kind of things are happening in your country.


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