Begining of May

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In this beginig of the month I was in holiday visiting Romania. I have only 1.5 month here. Time is flying away ! Tomorow I'm going to Cluj Napoca for the volunteer Week. The aim of this event is to promote volunteering. I will present a workshop with nots in a activity-fair. It's a very good thing about EVS, You can participate to other EVS project. There is a real exchange of idea/knowledge/ discovery ! In this moment i'm working on different things : posters, green activity, video making, green games. We went on a protest against illegal tree cuting in St George and before we were in a on-day activity in Balvanyos about a national park and it was very good ! We are going to have some bike event soon and it's nice because the weather is good and the nature is blooming ! Thanks to spring we are finally moving around doing outside stuff, It's changing all the time and i like this. Winter was long and motionless !

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