When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (1)

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I often witness how people complain about poor situation because of COVID 19, blame their fate and say that there are miserable conditions for an interesting pastime, at that moment I remembered the story of how we arrived here.

  To  begin with, we changed four types of transport to get to Romania. Surprises were waiting for us from the first step of our journey,. In Armenia (our hometown), our flight was registered at 5 am (I hate waking up early)., because of covid there were huge queues for check-in, our flight was delayed, we had some problems with insurance, apps for journey and so on.
  Odessa, Ukraine. At the airport, because of poor Internet connection  and lack of roaming, we were not  able to call a taxi, people refused our simple request to help call a car. The sun was blinding, and we trudged to the train station with the heavy suitcases.  There we had breakfast and drank and waited for several hours until our autobus came... The next destination is Moldova, we wondered what awaits us ahead.
  Kishenev, Moldova. After the steam room on the bus, I thanked heaven for the fresh breeze. We met an Armenian who helped us catch a taxi. The taxi driver turned out to be a wonderful person, he kept telling us about their history and culture, about national dishes and about the abundance of wines. We exchanged glances. The next point of the appointment was selected. We quickly got acquainted with the station, found a secluded place to change clothes (then it turned out that there was a toilet nearby), the kind workers agreed to look after our suitcases and we started our wondering around the city.

Тo be continued...

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