W. Wegener Park opening day

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On Friday, the 28th of June, a whole day filled with programs for children, the newest park of Târgu Secuiesc, built by the Wegener Pro Sanitate Foundation, opened it's gates for the public. Various associations attended with a lots of interesting activities, the stage was occupied by dancers, singers, and magicians as well, when the weather let it.  Photos can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.

On the opening event, the Green Sun Association also attended with upcycling handicrafts. The crindren could create "Tick-tack-toe" bags with painted small stones, which they can easily bring on a holiday or in a park to play with their friends. They could also make little worm dolls out of wooden sticks, crepe paper and yarn, to promote these animals' important rule in the natural nutrient breakdown cycle.

Families could attend different things around the park, such as create clay objects, the kids have face paintings, paint on glass, play with giant chess, on the new playground, or even with the therapeutic dogs. The almost whole day of raining and only small sessions of sunshine didn't discourage the families to attend, an incredible amount of people filled up the park. Due to this whimsical weather, the closing concert was held in Vigadó. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our activities, hope to see you next time somewhere else!

Author: Bagyinka Ágota

Photo: Ráduly Attila