Visiting Eger with Carmencita

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The last week Carmen and I with another volunteers of the association we decided to go to Eger to visit the city and also the mountains. We was 10 in total, all of us, volunteers of Green Sun Association. We decided to go with two cars, and go early to arrive at the dinner time to Eger. It was a really long trip, exactly 13 hours until arrive to the Hotel. This Hotel is in the mountain and it's looks so old, but was comfortable to stay here few days and visit the mountain and the nature. 

In the first day we decided to expent the time waling around the mountain, was really beautiful because you could see all the path full of red thieves and also the landscape was so beautiful, for me was so nice because is totally diferent the forests in Eger than in Elche, full of big threes and so colorful, I was like a kid, all the time so happy and amazed for the natural environment of this part.

Also, in those days, we had time to visit the big university of Eger, it was really big, but was strange because we needed to pay to go inside and also we couldn't enjoy and visit all the places of the University, I really don't know why. We could visit the Basillica who is in front of the University, it was pretty similar than our Basilica in Elche, but with darker colors than ours. And of course, in this time we could drink the Eger's famous wine, I will be sincere, I bought 4 bottles of wine to bring it with me to Kezdi... so I think I really like the Eger's wine. We also enjoyed so much the time together, we laugh so much, we was all the time together so we make a really nice group.

I hope I will can visit Eger again in the future (of course, to buy more wine). It was a fantastic week.

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