A special autumn...

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Why this year is a special autumn for me? I've never been living in a foregin country so much time so I never see this colors in autumn. In our city we have like two season, summer and spring (talking about if the weather is in Targu Secuiesc).

Is really difficult to find leaves on the floor like this or see this color in the environment. So the last week when the green sun associations members went to the mountain I could see how the trees in the mountain were changing the colors, because we could see a lot of trees with different tonalities like a sequence, going to the green ones until the characteristic color of autumn, was wonderful.

Also, with this weather, you can enjoy so much going to the street and feel how autumn is acting in the environment and I really love this. You can go to take a coffee in a terrace and in the same time you can see how the leaves are falling out and filling in the street.

In our city in Spain is so difficult to find this because is a mediterranean place, but here is awesome, I hope winter will be nice as well, but the problem is... the cold weather and I we are not friends, I always have tried to enjoy the cold time but I really hate.

So I will try to survive until the next season and fight versus the winter and snow. When the winter will be here I'm going to tell you how is going to be for me! See you soon.


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