Smoke on the Asphalt, sun in the sky

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For the second year, Kendu Association organized the "Füstölő aszfalt" friendly race event on the carting place in Fortyogó. Partner organizations were the Green Sun Association and the Pro Pectus Association. Medical support on the event was provided by the Salvatore Association.

This time more than 70 disabled and special education needs people attended the competition, everyone receiving a T-shirt made for this day, chocolate and water. Following the opening lap of honor, the participants could go around the racetrack in 2, 3 or 4 wheels; walking or running. Many family members and two therapeutic dogs also joined in, supporting the competitors with cheering them up.

When finishing the race, people could go to the shadow, painting or playing with the dogs. After everyone went at least one lap, a small ceremony was held, where the competitors received a medal and a memorial diploma. To end the day, it was followed by eating pizza together. Congratulations and thank you for everyone who took part in the race, the organization and/or  the management of this day, hopefully see you there next year!

Photos taken on the event can be seen on the Facebook Page of the Kendu Association.

Author: Bagyinka Ágota

Picture: Bede Lehel