A small piece of nutrition...

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Last day I had the opportunity to speak about nutrition and healthy life in the event "Rád is szükség van" (We ned you!) in Ikafalva.  After my years in the university studing nutrition and healthy food, I couldn't imagine that one day I would do a presentation in English and in other country about nutrition with my knowlegdes and my studies. I'm so grateful to everybody who was there, I felt in a comfort zone with them and was a nice feeling.

My presentation was about basic nutrition, how to read the nutricional pyramid, how to eat better but not less, the importance to read the labels in the products or how to make your own healthy, tasty and easy snack.

The programe had the next estructure:

  • 18.00 Admiration - Csaba Bardócz priest.
  • 18.30 Time to play - lead by Bölöni Cili
  • 19.00 Presentation about healthy food by Carmen Gallardo (EVS volunteer at Green Sun Association)
  • 19.45 Csaba Bardócz speaks briefly about Paleo life style
  • 20.00 Love-feast

Thanks to the hospitality, thanks for receiving us with their best smiles and I hope I coul transmite a new concepts about food,nutrition and healthy food to all of them.


Author: Carmen Gallardo Serrano

Photos: Ráduly Attila