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Green Sun Association collaborates with teachers, trainers with experience in the past five years. Among our references are: organizing camps, teaching in schools, colleges, universities. With our own methodology, developed by our association, we organize 60 minutes classes in schools, colleges or universities.
Featured Topics:
Civic education, environmental awareness, environmental protection, tourism opportunities, cycling

Organization of camps, weekend programs

We organize programs of several days for groups of friends, families, groups of students in Covasna. We have experience in camps for students in schools and colleges or in conducting team building.
Content of the services: organizing and implementing themed evenings, making programs for leisure, cultural, sporting events (walking, cycling), and if it’s desired the related services (accommodation, meals, transportation). In Covasna there are many hidden places in a fabulous environment with outstanding historical and cultural values, with an air of local traditionalism.
In the longer programs those interested can discover the hidden treasures of the region.


Our association provides the tourism guide for hikers on foot or bicycle. (For tour guide is necessary setting a date in advance).