Playful contest for the 5th grade students

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The Green Sun Association hosted two class groups from the Váradi József Elementary School of Saint George, on the 26th of October. After a short overview and introduction, the groups started the interactive, seven round long contest. Photos taken on the event can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.

The Saturday event took place in the surroundings of the Sport Centre, where the volunteers created a playzone for the children. Aim of the event was to boost movement, creativity, logical thinking and improve group-work, cooperation and friendly competition, which skills on the long-term can help their success in their studies as well. During the activities it was also important to raise awareness on the importance of environmental-protection and -education.

After finishing the competition, the most skilful group received an award. The association is happy that this many enthusiastic children participated in the event, the volunteers are thankful for the help of teachers and of András István Kiss.

Picture: Balázs Attila