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Needed objects

Objects that we need

On this page you’ll find a list of the objects that we need very much. Near the name of the items there is the description of the activity where we would use it:

– 1 digital camera (for the more effective documentation of our activities)
– 1 laptop (for general office work)
– Laser printer (for general office work)
– Photocopier (for general office work)
– Projector
– GPS (for digitizing and documentation of hiking trails)
– 1 large size memory stick (for the development of the Nemere Trail route’s website)

We also have a wishlist of things we need!

* equipment&tools&materials for building: drill, screwdrivers, screws etc,
* tools&materials for handicrafts: painting tools, pencils, pens, cutters&co, paper, ink etc
* tools&materials for sewing, fabric, bands

It is also welcomed any object that you no longer need and can expand our association’s assets:

– Bicycles
– Tents
– Fleabag
– Boots
– Compass

Please inform us about your helping intention on the following e-mail address:
Thank you!