My volunteering days in Târgu Secuiesc

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Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself as this will be my first blog post. My name is Halis ÖZCAN. I am 21 years old. I am from Turkey. I live in Bursa. I am a senior student at Kocaeli University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Recreation but I came to Romania by taking a 1year break from education. Taking a break from school was a difficult decision for me. I made such a decision because I wanted to improve myself, learn a new language, get to know different cultures and people.

At the same time, before I graduated and started my business life, I made such a decision to guide my future choices and to add new skills away from the comfort zone to decide where I want to live. Targu Secuiesc I am on my 5th month. I remember the first day I arrived as if it was yesterday. Unfortunately, time passes very fast.

We have organized many events here since the day I came. Bicycle tour, daily camp, ping pong activity, moving afternoon and many more activities were organized. These activities were very exciting, beautiful, and instructive for me. most importantly, we received Hungarian language training for 3 months. In this process, we learned about the language of the local people.
Now we came to the event that excited me. We will establish a Turkish club with Turkish volunteer Ayten Kurnaz like me on January 17. This event will continue for 3 months and we will give a lot of information about our culture, history, and language. We will be waiting for you to learn something new.

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