A month before returning, or...I miss?

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There is exactly a month before my return home. I am a soldier in the army, which is waiting for the demobilization. And to be honest, no, I'm not waiting for the return. I ask myself, "do I miss?", and increasingly the answer is - "no."

I don't miss people at all. The first time I missed my  family, votes - native people nearby, but after 11 months it all changed. I have come to understand that distance is just a number, we always keep in touch with our relatives and friends, and thanks to information technologies we can hear and see each other, share everything in real time. It seems to me that with some people we began to communicate and see even more than before my departure. Yes, I know, a face-to-face meeting will not replace the Internet, so I will be extremely happy to see everyone and... to leave again Because the flavor of the meeting is more  sweeter after a separation.

But surely there are things I miss. And now I'm talking not only about my native Russian language and Slavic appearance, I'm talking about things.

I'm not a lover of sweets, but I really want sgushenka I think I dream about it for four months! I even dreamed of him a couple of times of Sgushenochka with mom's pancakes and fritters, mmm. Grandma's fish patties, dumplings with sour cream, crispy cucumbers, fish, Oh my God, the fish! Sometimes, I sit in some local restaurant, and dream about how to find myself in Russia and order home made rolls or eat my mother's puree. I'm not starving, no, but still not enough native foods, which I'm used to since childhood.

Besides food I'm missing the  little girl pleasures. Cream and scrub "Clean line", manicures with incredible drawings from Eugene, dresses and shoes with heels that are lovingly tucked away in boxes. Are not necessities, so space in my small suitcase they not  received, but it will be nicer to meet with them again.

PS.: To part is important and necessary. Time spent away from the usual environment helps to concentrate on really necessary things and on your feelings, thoughts and desires. Finally got the support of my cockroaches in my head, new ideas were born and new goals appeared.

April - it's just April, and always have time to return

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