Memorial day in Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós)

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April 24 was the memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide. 

Armenian genocide (in Armenian Exern) was during the first World War. Despite the fact that the systematic and institutionally supported extermination of the Armenian population in Ottoman Turkey began at the end of the 19th century, April 24 was not chosen as a memorial date by chance. It was on this day in 1915 that more than 800 representatives of the Armenian intelligentsia were arrested and later killed in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul.

In Armenia, on the night of April 23, commemorative processions with torches take place in all cities and villages. On April 24, we lay flowers at the monuments dedicated to the victims of the genocide.

This year (2022) we were far from our homeland and could not spend this day as we did before. But we have good friends in the city called Gheorgheni.

We went to Gheorgheni and took part in the liturgy. The locals laid flowers at the monument. I told the story of my family, who survived the genocide.

I think all Armenians have stories related to the genocide. Many foreigners say that a lot of time has passed, it's time to forget, but I think if we never forget this terrible tragedy, we will betray those innocent victims.

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