Lighting up Kézdivásárhely

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Yesterday was the bike event "Bike in the night" where arround 60 people participate.There was all kind of people, the oldest was 82 years oldFerencz Gábor is a example to follow. Our little Sárkány Rebeka was the youngest, she is only 6 years old and did it very well! 

At 20.30, started the event, where the first step was to show to the others how we need to use the lights in the bikes. Gyenge Attila, owner of the Senso S.R.L., held a nice presentation about the topic us before we start to ride in the night. 

Around 9 in the night we started in front of the Sport Center and everybody was riding around Kézdivásárhely with theirs lights and also the reflective vest. We did 6 km on the narrow streets, big avenue, centre, old town and finished in the same point. There was some difficult part with a small elevations but everybody did it well done!

At the end of the event the people had opportunity to win t-shirts, book's, toys and light for the bike.

We hope to make more events like this and also continue to learn about our security in the roads.

Thanks to participate and see you soon! We are so proud of our participants!

Article: Carmen Gallardo Serrano

Photo: Elena Ershova

Sponsor: Erasmus +