Let's go to Spain!

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Hello everybody!

We are in december now and is winter! Is the first time that I have seen the snow in the city, I saw one time in one mountain in Spain, and is really beautiful!

I like so much to get up in the morning and see the snow, and all the streets and the entraince of our flat full of snow and white! Is something that I never could imagine until now, but the problem of the snow is... is really cold. As I said in another blog, I hate the cold weather, and I still thinking the same but now I'm completely sure that I can support easier the cold weather than before, I'm not saying that I like, but I can support it jaja.

Also, I'm really happy because at friday of 21th December I will go with Carmencita to Spain, to enjoy with our family, with our friends, and feel our mediterranean weather, this weather I really like jaja. 

We will be two weeks and half in Spain, to spend the Christmas time with our family and with our friends, this season is to stay with the family and this is why we will go. I feel sorry for Elena and Alen for this Christmas, they will not see their families because is most expensive the trip for their than for us, and they are going to spend the time here in Kezdi without their families.

I hope you will enjoy so much the Christmas time, I will do. I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hugs!!

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