The last day of future prisoners

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On Sunday morning we went on a trip with our new friend Csaba. We really wanted to go to the dog shelter and finally, we did it.

The shelter was located 10 kilometers far from Brasov. At the entrance, we disinfected our shoes and went inside. There was an open aviary where two dogs were walking. When we entered the next door, we saw three large dogs. One of the dogs has sick eyes and he has a cone-shaped thing on his neck (later we found out that the eyes of the dog had been operated on). Then we saw a dog with different color eyes and the back legs were in the pram (the dog was paralyzed), the other dog's head was twisted and some kind of liquid flowed out of its ears (the dog was deaf).

I didn't know what happened to them and how these dogs got injured, but I think that the lion's share of the blame lies on the person. As they say in Andersen's fairy tale "The Little Prince" - "We are responsible for those whom we have tamed".

The next door led us to a long corridor, on both sides of which there were enclosures with several dogs. Volunteers worked there and cleaned the cages (I began to respect such people more, as there was an unbearable stench).

Then we went to the mall, everyone needed a few things. I needed skates for skating on the ice. When I got home, I went to an ice rink to try skates. I fell only once and it was a great achievement for me.

That was the last day when we can do and go where we want without Green Pass.

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