Just Live Your Dreams !!

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My name is Asiye. I am 26 years old and I am from İstanbul, Turkey. I graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management in Muğla. I am an EVS volunteer in Targu Secuisesc, Covasna since 1st of June and I’’ll be here for a year.

I am very enthuastic about learning new things and have new experiences. Also, I willing to create positive shifts in myself, others and the world. I aware of today’s challenges and willing to create a better future. I am particularly interested in creative issues and sports. My hobbies are drawing, painting, reading a book, trekking, riding a bike and dancing. Also, I help stray animals. It’s seems to be interesting to get used to living in a foreign country fort he first time in my life and I am ready for this adventure.

So what am I going to do here. I am taking up the role of an EVS volunteer in Green Sun Association (Zöld Nap Egyesület). We are organizing different and local events , environmental issues, creating games and sport activities for children, teenagers, adults and disabilities people. Our activities included indoor and outdoor activities that would have been funny, interesting and informative for them.

Kézdivásárhely, Targu Secuiesc is a very quiet historical and beautiful city. I can honestly say that I love here. This experience is important for me because EVS gives me the opportunity to find out new skills in myself, helping the others and discovering the other cultures.
Lastly, I would like to thank to this organization to made possible for me part of this project. That’s it for now see you again in the next article.

Bye bye.

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