Green Camp in Bikfalva

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This year, for the third time, the "Nature, the source of life" camp was held in Bikfalva, organized by the Green Sun Association, the Waste Management Association of Kovászna County (ADI SIMD) and the AQUACOV Community Development Association. 24 students from the different settlements of the county participated in the environmental camp, so they were from Cernat, Dalnic, Ghelința, Lisnău, Sfîntu Gheorghe, Tîrgu Secuiesc și Lemnia. Photos can be viewed on the Green Sun Association's Facebook page and videos on the Youtube channel.

The main objective of the camp is to develop the environmentally friendly thinking and attitude of the children. In addition to this, sport, dance and healthy lifestyle education have been emphasized, with activities under the leadership of Zsófia Fabók from Hungary and Carmen Gallardo from Spain who works as nutricionist in her country. The two EVS volunteers are volunteering at the Green Sun Association, within the framework of the Friends of the Environment! project, which is supported by the Erasmus + program.

Ráduly Attila, president of the Green Sun Association, emphasized that the goal of the camp is to draw the attention of children to the importance of proper management of waste and water for life, because, unfortunately, we are destroying our Earth, we strangle it with the many dumped garbage. It is not enough for us to learn it individually, but to pass it on to others, so we can make our planet livable. During the three-day camp, the children learned the rules of composting, selective waste collection, and water-saving with the help of group games, but they could also listen to a professional presentation from representatives of the two co-organizing community associations.

At the end of his lecture, Benedek Csaba, the Inspector of the Covasna County Waste Management Association, said: - the children are interested in the subject and I am convinced that the knowledge they have acquired in a relatively short period of time will be deeply preserved. The sight of the amount of waste seen at the Lécfalvi dumping ground is "shocking" for most of them, I am convinced that the sight leaves a trace and that they will always pay attention to the selective collection of waste. The theme of the life-giving water, its lack and rational use was Fazakas András theme, director of the AQUACOV Community Development Association, who said it is "important to teach in childhood that water is not an infinite and eternal thing."

In many cases, we are wasting the Earth's water reserve mainly in households, where we leave the tap open even when we do not need water, but it is also a problem that we drain all household waste that pollutes the water. Many people do not imagine how much energy is needed to clean the used water and make it usable again. With a little care, not only can we save our own wallet, but also protect nature very much, the nature that we have received and we have to pass on to our descendants , preferably in a sheltered state, explained the director. Every year, the Covasna County Council and the two community development associations put great emphasis on educating young people about their environmentally conscious lifestyles.

That is why they are supporting all the civil initiatives through which they can involve the county's population in the programs that affect them. Such programs include Nature's Source of Life camp, for which the Green Sun Association is grateful to the management of the above-mentioned institutions.

At the same time, I would like to thank the participating children, their parents and teachers for their cooperation. Because of the popularity of the camp, the organizers are already planning joint cooperation and implementation of further projects.

Let's meet again next year!

Picture by Carmen Gallardo and Ráduly Attila