Georgian national event for the first time

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On 29th of October. 2019, Green Sun Association organized a Georgian National Event in Vigadó Cultural House. The audience had the possibility to get to know general information about Georgia (the country) and his very beautiful region Samegrelo, from where cames our volunteer and the same time representative of her country Salome Pirtskhelava.  As the whole evening was held in English, translation was provided in Hungarian language by Derszi Katalin

During the presentation attenders got information about the location of the country of Georgia, regarding the population, about Georgian and mostly Mingrelian traditional cuisine. For more they had possibility to taste one of the traditional food of Mingrelia called “Mchadi pitniani nadguhit” (Mchadi_the bread made by corn flour and Nadughi_ cottage cheese with mint and sour cream).
The audience got information about Georgia’s religious status, a very traditional dances and very famous touristic places. At the end of the event Salome read a poetry of Petőfi Sándor named “ Szeretlek kedvesem” on Georgian language, which on Georgian language means “Mikhvarkhar dzlier, dzlier”. 

Salome Pirtskhelava cames from the Georgia and she is a ESC volunteer between the project Environment+, co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps.

Author: Asiye Demirci

Picture: Mariam Sargsyan