Friends of Hun camp

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The Green Sun Association visited the Hun Camp in Sepsibesenyő on 11th August 2019. Volunteers of our association first met Csaba Bardócz the main organizer of the Hun camp. Founder of the Green Sun Association Ráduly Attila first presented to the children the association and then foreign volunteers introduced themselves to everyone. First Hungarian volunteer Agota Bagyinka after the Turkish volunteer Asiye Demirci and finally the Armenian volunteer, Mariam Sargsyan presented their cultures and gave a little information about themselves. The great amount of questions and curiosity of the children made us really happy.

60 children participated in the activities. After the presentation of the association, the kids fill out a  test, regarding to safety with biking in traffic and we were surprised that a few of them knew the right answers. Then, the kids were divided into 7 groups so they would compete with each other in various activities organized by the volunteers. There were 9 games prepared for the children. The 1st one was the Big Mikado, then cube scale, next there was water carrying game with the help of Asiye. There was also jumping school game, drawing game (by Agota), mini basketball (by Mariam), jumping ropes, obstacles and last but not least ring throwing game. The kids were very excited to participate in all the activities and to get acquainted with foreign volunteers from the association. After the activities everyone went to swim in the lake near the camp site. After an hour of swimming and sunbathing it was time to say goodbye to the children and the organizers of the camp.

Photos taken at this event can be viewed on the association's Facebook page. 

Sponsor: Erasmus+

Author: Mariam Sargsyan