Final line

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Nowaday we are at 3 months to finish this "trip" and I'm happy and little bit sad at the same time. Why? I have enjoyed so much this period with all the volunteers and all so let this back is going to be sad. I know it because when I finished my period of three months in Malta I was so happy in home but during the days I started to miss the nice people that I have met, my routine, my activities...

So this three months is going to be exciting because we have so much activities to do and some nice events what we will do with the Green Sun Association members. I'm so glad to did this EVS here in Kezdi and in this association, I have learnt so much and I know there are so many thinks that I need to learn as well.

I have done so many things during this time, like going with the bike two days to do a treasure hunt, visited so many places, cities and countries, play with kids, prepare videos, do posters... also I participate in a competition in one village pushing a carriage and drinking wine in the same time.

So thanks for all the good persons and bad persons that I have met here. See you early!

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