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Environmental Education Camp in Comandău

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Between June 19 and 22, for the seventh consecutive time, the successful and highly-interesting camp named “Nature – The Source of Life” took place in Comandău. The Green Sun Association from Kézdivásárhely, the organizer of the camp initiated eight years ago, collaborated for the sixth time with the Waste Management Association of Covasna County (ADI SIMD). This year, the Kézdivásárhely City Hall joined as a supporting partner, emphasizing the importance of educating young people, shaping their environmentally conscious lifestyle, and acquiring skills for an eco-friendly life, as it is in the common interest to pay attention to these aspects. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s Facebook page.

The Association for Community Development of Covasna County, under the authority of the County Council, supports to the extent possible all civil initiatives through which the county’s community can be involved in issues that concern them. Children aged 10 to 16 from Kézdivásárhely, Saint Gheorghe, Albis, Kézdiszentlélek, Zabola, and Covasna participated in the camp. For four days, they engaged in rich and varied programs and activities, led by five volunteer adults, with the aim of developing responsible and environmentally conscious behavior, promoting a holistic perspective for the long-term maintenance of human life quality and an eco-friendly lifestyle. During fun and educational activities, participants learned about proper waste separation, the importance and usefulness of recycling, as well as useful information about the dangers of the digital world.

Volunteers from Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey, involved in the “Heal the Earth, Reloaded Edition II” project of the Green Sun Association, presented captivating information, richly illustrated with images, through lectures and videos, about the important role of trees and birds. They tried to arouse the children’s interest with easily understandable data and examples about why it is important to be attentive to the surrounding environment. Attila Ráduly, the president of the Green Sun Association, emphasized: “The camp has enjoyed continuous success since its first edition; we constantly expect young people from different localities of the county who are interested in nature. Green education is our main goal, encompassing every activity, from morning exercises to lectures on waste management and recycling, including activities where we promote alternative means of transportation accessible to everyone, from rollerblades to bicycles. Recycling is a recurring theme in games; we create toys from toilet paper rolls, and we also conduct origami activities, giving paper a new life,” added the president.

“The fact that waste collection results are good in Covasna County is not only due to a well-established system, not just the work of waste collection companies and their attention, but most importantly, it depends on people’s attitude. We know that this is a long-term process that works but requires attention and information transmission. We observe that we reach parents and grandparents through children, so the end result will be a cleaner and healthier society. Therefore, I believe it is a joy to be part of such an initiative!” stated József Ambrus, the director of ADI SIMD, a co-organizing partner. Organizers and supporters hope that the camp, which has been operating for several years, will be able to be organized next year in the picturesque campsite in Comandău.

Photos: Andrea Borsó and Gülcan Babir


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