Warm meal with love

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Every first Saturday of the New Year Héjja Tamás from Kézdivásárhely (owner of kezdi.info), take a bit out of his free time and gives warm food with love for the local needy people. It is a gesture of goodness and altruism. Every year he offer food for aprox. 500 persons. In his idea he is helped by a lot of civils, and civil organizations. This year based on his idea and based on the menu invented by him some local restaurants came on his help. For more pictures please check our Facebook page.

Therefore Bujdosó Restaurant made the potato stew, the French Bakery the baguettes and Jazz Bistro the tasty meat with mustard and honey. Süti Eden Patisserie created no more then 500 gingerbread harts, what was colored by the Kreadkids Studio. On the first Saturday of the New Year a lot of volunteers gathered together in the city center. Some volunteers with their car, bring the meal from the restaurants, others was serving, and some bring the food in homes for those people who are in the impossibilities to go out from their houses. The needy people enjoyed a delicious food on a sunny day. It was an amazing experience for all of us. For volunteers, because we understood that with small effort we can make happy a lot of people and for the needy people, it was more than a simple meal because they were valued like real persons.

Author: Isabel Fernandez

Phothography: Deme Tamás