Visit to Mikó Imre highschool

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On Wednesday, 15th on November, Green Sun Association went to Mikó Imre Highschool, in Saint George. We spend our morning with pupils from the X class, so we had around 80 participants and their teacher. We talked about European Volunteery Service and we gave them advice on how they should live a green life and we presented the Ecological Footprint.

 Haykuhi Harutyunyan and me (Isa Fernandez) talked about our experience as EVS Volunteers. We explained all process until we arrived to Green Sun Association. We talked about what is it, its history, its aims, different themes of projects, our rights like an EVS Volunteer, which country can participate, how long and finaly we talked about our project too. What activities we do, mother tongue of country and our progress. Finally, they asked about our stay and our personal experience.

Ráduly Attila was responsible to present green life and present the ecological footprint . He explained what mean ecological footprint and the pupils filled the survey for estimating their environment impact. Finally he gave some advises for reducing their use of energy. It was an interesting day for children, from wich we all could learn new things and ad a new experience to our EVS life..

 On the following website you can calculate your ecological footprint: in Spanish in English in Hungarian

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