Team building in Csernáton

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      From 30th November to 1st December, the volunteers of Green Sun Association met in Csernáton for Team Building. It was a funny and interesting because we organized a lot of games and two members of the association told us about their experience.

We created a team of three or four people. The first game was to recognize people with our eyes covered and it was easy. Next Derzsi Eszter told us about her experience in Latvia because  "Inclusion + EVS - make it possible". Haykuhi Haratyunyan talked about her culture and Armenia. Kis Emese taught us a traditional game with piece of wood. Beside, it was a good exercise. Another game to work as a team was to draw a ball with a pencil at the end of stick and we had to control it with thread, like puppet. We fished ping pong balls and apples with our mouth in one washbowl full of water. My favourite game was a quiz game about the members of the association, about  math, about logical, find 5 or 7 differences between two pictures, about Europe and find the wrong word. All these gave you points, when we finished our dinner, the team with most points was the winner. The prize was books on different topic.

Next day, we organized a debate about green building or brown building. Green Sun Association does many interesting activities and the activity to end of Team Building was meeting a local visit to a craftsman's shop, where they taught us how they put horseshoe on horses. Finally, we moved to Csikszereda to participatein anothergame named Time Trap, which is a dark room with logical test that you must solve to find the password that lets you out of the room.

In conclusion, we did many activities to strengthen our relationship and we had a good time.

You can see the picture in our Facebook website.

Author: Isabel Fernandez