Returning to childhood

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On March 13, my lovely mentor invited me to go sledding.
The car was driven by my mentor's brother, who knows everything and loves to be in nature. With us was one schoolgirl who sings like an angel.

We set off early in the morning. I knew that we were going to the mountains, but I did not know exactly where. We headed towards a small village called Komando. I was there in early autumn when everything around was green. Seeing familiar places shrouded in the snow was unexpected and wonderful. As if everything around was wrapped in a white blanket.

The sled was bound to the car. We sat on the sled and drove 10 kilometers. I sat in front of the sled and had to control the trajectory, so my feet were in the snow for a few hours. At the end of the day, I couldn't feel my legs. It reminded me of my childhood.

When we were children and played in the yard for many hours, we came home with cold feet. I was happy when I felt childhood experiences again. Thanks to my mentor for returning to childhood.

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