Presentation at "Nagy Mózes''

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As we already know, "Green Sun " Association is cooperating with dozens of schools and universities. But because of Covid-19, the majority of them became online and "Green Sun" Association had to stop for a while this type of activities. 

To our delight, as the number of infected people was going down in the city, we again had opportunity to restart cooperation with schools.

On December 9th (we had also presentations on 10th, 14th, and 16th of December) we (me Davit, Petek and Ráduly Attila) went one of the famous schools in the city named after Nagy Mózes. We were in the 10th grade. Me and Petek had presentations about Byzantine empire

My part was about Armenia during the Byzantine empire (for the information I asked  to my history teacher, Haykush Petrosyan and she helped me a lot). Besides that I introduced myself, talked with them in hungarian a little bit, told them some armenian words, so we had great time, we learned new things, we made new friends and enjoyed our time.

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