November ember

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Winter is here. Though the temperatures still will decrease until reach levels under -20oC, or even more, I have already dusted off the winter clothes. I admire how highlighted the season are in this region. The spring was spring, the summer, was warm almost always, and now the autumn came full of rain and the firsts snows. It is a fact that the climate change is wreaking havoc around the world, and here is not an exception, but still the cold is bringing some snow. In some years, as Leo Di Caprio shows in the new documentary about the climate change called “before the flood”, which I fervently encourage you to watch, the snow will be a luxury to find, belonging exclusively to very special regions. Therefore let’s enjoy it meanwhile we can, as it can become in a exotic history to our grand children, who might never know it.

Lately, during last weeks we were visiting some schools, some of them due to the “a different school” promoted by the government for brining into the schools another kind of learning. A great idea from my point of view. Thanks to that, we moved into the schools and we had the chance to develop some green ideas in the smaller ones as well as promote the European mobility programs for young people with the bigger groups. There, I share my experience with the young audience where I could express my feelings about how good can be an exchange in another country. I share some ideas such as our generation, in average, is going to have several jobs throughout our live, and because of this and to overcame the old fashioned idea of one single job forever,  is so important to develop what the European Commission for young people called Key Competences. These competences are those who prepare you to take part in the society with the guarantees of success, and doing one program like the EVS you develop those competences in a remarkable way. It is what people called, practice, afterall, people is full of papers but lack of real experiences.

On the other hand, I would like to share with you some of those inspirational histories that sometimes arrive to you. Is the history of George Marcu, one adventurer on wheels. We meet him due to the online platform couchsrufing, where we provided him a warm place to sleep in change of his amazing history. It was his last night before arrive home after 13000 km by bike from his native Romania until Nordkapp (The point of greater latitude of Europe, in Finland) and back. Is not the first time he does something like this, as he filled an endless list of countries, mainly from Asia and Europe.
We submitted him to a small interview where he shares some of his feelings and experiences, as well as some life tips. For the moment, we only did the Spanish version which is already uploaded to our Spanish blog, but during the following days we will do the English one. It is totally worth.


See you soon. Enjoy!


Big hugs.


Enrique de Paz

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