My traveling in Romania and the first days in Romania

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Hello, thats my first blog so I hope it will be okay. I'm coming from a little village in Austria, and I`m twenty years old. My journey to Romania was very long. At first my parents drived me with the car to Vienna, from my village to Vienna it are two hours. Than I fly with the SerbienAir to Belgrad, it was a very small plane that was funny. In Belgrad I have waited for one hour until the next flight to Bucharest. On the airport in Bucharest Celine from French has already waiting for me. At first we went in a coffee bar, we had a lot things to told. We have waited until two o´clock until Clara was coming from Spain. Celine and I waited ten hours on the Bucharest airport it was a little bit long and I was very tired. On the way to the flat I have slept. The flat is very nice, we have a little kitchen and a small bathroom and two bedrooms. I was very pleased when I seen the welcome poster and the welcome food that was very nice. :) At first we went to bed and slept, later we have eaten something. The next days was very new and interesting. On day we went to the market and to the centre it was great. Today we were in the office of the organisation and saw the plan for the next weeks it was very interesting. The people from the Organisation and the two other EVS girls are all very friendly. I´m looking Forward to the next day! :)

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