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On the 18th and 19th of October we had “24 hours running”  day with 600  participants. The event was organized by Zold Nap Association and Sport Center. The event was in Sport Center. Where we gave apple and water to participants. When  nobody was there , we were running until thire  return.

Our Spanish friends organized “ Spanish club”. The first meeting was on the 23th of October at 5 pm. On the first day they told us about Spain, taught some words that we need to know in case we are in Spain.

On the 23,24 and 25  of Octobre we went to  “Bod Peter” high school and  we met students. We talked about us: What we do and why.

On the 26th  of October we had “Moving Afternoon” event. We organized games and dances for participants.

I hope we will organiz “Bachata and Salsa Dance Club “ in future, and we can dace together))).wink

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