Merry Christmas

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     This is first time in my life that I will celebrate Christmas on 25th December. In Armenia we celebrating Christmas on 6th January. And when the Catholics on 25th December celebrating the Christmas, that time in my country we starting decorate the home, streets and prepare for the New Year. For Armenian people New Year is more important then Christmas.    

Armenian New Year is the most anticipated, bright and magical event for Armenian families, local Armenians in Armenia and of course those around the world. As this holiday marks the beginning of a new year, people have high hopes and expectations that New Year will be a good start of a new page in their lives.
New year is family holiday, and everybody  trying to be at home in New Year's Evs. This is first time, that I'll be far from my home. And now  when I am walking on the street, the New year decorations giving me sad. I want to go home, I miss my home, my family. I promised myself that  this is the first and last time that I am not at home in the New year's Evs.


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