Just 2 month and goodbye Szeklerland

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                                                                            Time  is running so fast...
 Before to come here, for me one year seemed too long and when I arrived here I always thought that I still have  for all Romania and do a lot of things. But the time didn't want to wait for me.

  Just 2 month and I will finish my EVS project, and good bye Szeklerland. My one  year here was full of adventures, positive energy and useful knowledge. I've got new friends here, and also I met my y best friend  from Armenia (who I haven't met for 5 years).
I have two different and same time  strange feelings. From one side I want to go to Armenia. I miss my country, my family, my friend. All my life is there. But the same time I don't want to go. When I'm fully adapted to life here I need to go. It is so difficult leave here everything and everybody. 
I couldn't even imagine that EVS project can change me, and my life. Thank you EVS for this difficult but the same time so beautiful, and colorful year.

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