Hello dear reader

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          Hello dear reader...

   For me this time period has been productive and full of positive emotions. My week started with my presentation about "How to be a women in Armenia" in Kálnok. Despite that presentation was part of my dissertation, and every sentence of my dissertation I know by heart but I was excited.
It is a very emotional and responsible moment when you need to represent  the history, the culture and  the beauty, of one of the oldest nations in the world.

 And also as a Armenian women tray to completely introduce  the  importance of Armenian women, their role in our life.    I have to notice that activities like this giving me so good experience for good speech. In middle of week with Gayane (my EVS mother) we were in piano concert Szőcs Botond-Csaba. He played Chopin and Rachmaninoff. He played so so good, During the concert I full of positive emotion. Because classical music for me, the single most inspiring, most moving, most magical thread running though my whole cultural experience. It's the art form in whose presence I feel most comfortable, most myself.

And the end of week I had a special psychologycal terapia for woman. You will ask what is mean? That is shopping. I was with my mentor. We made some shopings. And also we walked a little.
I liked this week. I would like have useful and happy weeks like last one. 

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