******Having A Blast Exploring Around*****

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Hello Everyone!

I am going to tell you about my first week in Romania. When I came to here, they  greeted me warmly and friendly. I’ve been to here just in a week but I’ve visited  great places and met nicely people.

I went to Kalandpark which is a adventure park. When I saw the park, I thought “it is gonna be not hard as seems that”. But I got wrong and it was indeed fun. Also I met Dósa Csaba who is tourist guide in Targu Secuiesc. He was really kind and he told me about history and then the we visited pharmacy museum. It was interesting. There are many old chemical stuff for using experiment and making drugs. Moreover, I saw the old working papers and prescriptions. Moreover they kept the old patient record. That was fantastic.

Eventually,I had a blast in this week and I was also tired but it was worth it.

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