Green sun, enlighten us.

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In many parts of the world there is a continuous figure of young people looking for work. Spain has one of the biggest unemployment rate of the hole Europe, and still remains mired in the biggest political crisis in its history, meantime we keep working and learning everyday by the hand of the Green Sun Association. We are lucky undoubtedly. 

During these days, the sun is coming back home earlier and earlier, and the dark is flooding everything every time sooner. But no worries because as green sun that we are, we shine despite of the yellow one.

After one Sunday where we waste all morning dating and recognizing the species of trees located in the Jozsiás Park, in Kezdi, now I’m using part of my time doing the botanical map, drawing down every single tree of more than 200, with almost 30 different species among them. This document it’s supposed to be used as support for future jobs or publications, besides to create an interpretation map available for every interested one.

On the other hand, we started with the Spanish lessons. It’s well known the ease and interest of the local people in languages. We have a group of 15 students who are showing a very remarkable motivation. Today will take part the second lessons and let’s see how good the homework, although we are trying not to fall in the traditional formal education, sometimes you have to listen what people prefer, and if they want task to do at home, who are we to question it?

We keep visiting schools and we launched our activities with the Manna shelter, once a week. The sport centre receives our visit twice a week to do some sport with children, either ping pong or basket or football.

Winter is coming but we are well covered under the shelter of the green SUN.

Thanks for reading.

Enrique de Paz.

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