Getting to know Andalusia

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On February 9th, at the Vigadó Cultural House we could get to know better the culture and history of a part from Spain, Andalusia. The event began with flamenco dance, the daners were Isabel Fernández and Haykuhi Harutyunyan. The song chosen was Entre dos aguas from guitar player Paco de Lucía. Next we could watch a video of the most representative place of Spain.

Andalusia has a good geographical position and, for that reason, they had so many invaders. The Moors were theones that stayed the longest in the Iberian peninsula. The country was called Al-Andalus. We could also see some examples of its architectural legacy, which still remain. The Moors were in Spain for nearly eight centuries.

Our EVS from Spain talked about tauromachy and some of the most popular festivities, like event surrounding San Fermin festival, its tapas, gastronomy and dance. We could also know how they celebrate the Carnival and Easter. She talked about literature, painting and some works about the  Civil War, musician and politician. Finally, she talked about stereotype like religion, bullfighting, the siesta, punctuality among others.

The food chosen was empanadas and Macarena was the dancing song chosen to farewell.

More than one hundred persons attended the event. The photos taken on  Friday event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association.

The event was cofinenced by the Erasmus + program and the Vigadó Cultural House.

Author: Isabel Fernandez

Photographer: Ráduly Attila