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Again we change the hour, again spring, again the days are longest, again we see the people in the streets, the kids, the crows in the park...all is taking colour again. But...what's the sad side of this? I arrived last spring, then it's mean that my project it's almost over, my period here is ending and this is the sad side by thousand reasons. The strongest reason are my friends, they are already part of my family, they are the reason why I decided to continue, they push me all the time to continue, they saved me. 

Separately, the word friends for me it's mean: Fidelity,Richness,Indispensable,Encouraging,Nice,Dandy,Security. Those people who you can describe with this words will be your really good friends, and here in Romania I've discovered this people. I gonna miss them,of course, and part of me will stay in Romania.

Last saturday all together were in a barbaque, in the forest, some places still the snow, in others was shining the sun. As I said in the past, one of the most gorgerous things that I've seen is the sequence of the seasons in Romania, and I like it. The good harmony, the good environment, the good feelings and the good weather, it was a really good saturday. Of course I missed the sun, go outside without snow boots, less clothes, sunglasses...Just stay with the friends, some music, nature and food (it can't never miss) is wonderful.

Now is coming April, the last and interesting month with a new activities. I'm so curious about this month, how it will finish, which will be the last feelings and the goodbye party. Next week we will visit Ucraine, the last trip here, and after this just 3 weeks more. In my mind is coming lots of thoughts, in one hand I think how much I'll miss that, in the other hand I think how will be my new live in Spain, because I changed, I need to start from zero, I need to appy for jobs, I need to build again my routine, but the interesting thing is how I will manage now my new life after the EVS, cause it was a chance to think more about myself and it's sure that now I have more open doors to my new future.

Thanks to read it and see you next week with the video about our trip to Ucraine!

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