Enjoy the journey, not the destination.

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As I get deeper in the country and their culture I’m discovering new things that are totally killing the stereotypes and prejudices that i had before. Travelling provided you this kind of culture that change your fears and enhance you to be better.  Local people has prejudices about foreigners at every scale, from big scale as Europe has prejudices about American people until the village people about the next village. Doesn’t matter, It is a kind of disease implicit on human body that is only healed travelling and discovering how wrong people are about another.

This introduction is because during last trip we get to Cluj (Kolozsvar) doing one scale in Târgu Mures (Marosvasarhely). During this journey our philosophy was, besides enjoy the destination, try to enjoy the trip. Because of that Silvia and I chose try to get there by hitchhiking. And afterall, we found out once again how good people are and how try to help you selflessly.

I’m going to take advantage of this space to say a big thank to Rita and his flatmates for letting us to sleep in Târgu Mures for a night, and on the other hand, to all that people who became our trip into something just amazing.

•To Attila and Katika for taking us at the beginning (Kezdi- Csikszereda)

•To Edit and their two beautiful ice-skater daughters for share so much fun with us. They were coming to the Pumpkin festival in Sovata where we get off. (Csik-Sovata)

•To the American-Szekler actress who collected us. A local actress with roots in America although very proud of his Szekler land. To our delight, she decided to change the main route in order to show us one beautiful forest. The time with her run fast speaking about our dreams and illusions. (Sovata- Târgu Mures)

•To the bus driver 1 who move us out of the city for free and to the lorry driver who moved we out under the rain until the cross roads (Târgu Mures – outskirts of the city)

•To the Italian guy owner of the karting in Oradea who collected us and moved us forward the entrance of Cluj (Mures – Outside of Cluj)

•To the Gipsy family who took we up and helped us to reach the city (Outside Cluj – Cluj city centre)

•To the Salt Mine’s worker who took us until the main entrance of the Salt-Mine. (Turda-Salt-mine)

•To the bus driver 2 who took us to the outskirts of Turda for free (Turda – Outskirts)

•To the Romanian guy who pick we up and helped by their radio to find another driver until Brasov. (Turda – Sighisoara)

•To the two track drivers who were coming from Russia and who took we up from Sighisoara until Brasov providing us Ukrainian fruits and nice histories.  (Sighisoara – Brasov outskirts)

•To the Police (Yes, thanks to the Police) for collecting from the outside of the Brasov city where the lorry drivers put we down and bring us until the train station with a remarkable friendship. (Brasov outskirts – Brasov city centre)

•To Zoltan, the topographer from Sfantu Gheorghe who picked we up in Brasov and despite his destination was Sfantu Gheorghe, he offered to bring us until Kezdi. (Brasov – Kezdi)

Once at home, and taking stock of the trip, we realised that although we already  knew it... how good the people are! We get inspired of every history and every good person/friend we met in our trip. Another important factor to consider was that we save an important amount of money: we went and back for 5 Lei each (Only we paid in the gipsy’s car) plus one bus we took from Cluj to Turda.

Thank you for contributing to the idea that the world remains a place full of great people.

A big hug!

Enjoy the life, there is only one.

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