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The last saturday 29, Green Sun Association prepares a bike event tour for all the day. The meeting to start was at the Sport Center parking, around 30 person decides to participate in this bike event to go to the village Esztelnek.

We started early to arrive in a good time to participate in the Esztelnek's event. We decided to go by a really good way, we go up Perkö and we followed the path in the mountain to arrive to the village. The landscape of this path was beautiful, we couldn't enjoy so much the weather but we enjoyed the environment by we were cycling.

We didn't arrive at time to the village because we had problems in the way; we needed to go down the bike because a group of dogs were disturbing us and stopping the way, the path was also a little bit difficult and sometimes we needed to go by walk in the difficults parts of the path and few participants of the event had not good bikes to do all the way by cycling (one of the participants was cycling with a road bike).

When we arrived, one hour later, we visited a trousers factory and the workers explained to all the people all the process and how they make trousers. After this, we had a competition in the village, we need to push in teams of five a horse caravan and put inside different heavy materials (our time finished like the last ones).

At the end, after this we enjoyed and we recharge too much energies with the food that they prepared in the village's school. When we finished to eat we started the path to go home and take a rest for this long day.