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Since I was in Romania as a volunteer, I had to attend a compulsory 5-day training. Due to covid, our training took place online. There were participants from various countries such as France, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Spain. The training was very colorful as our trainers Diana Bere and Dani Prisacariu are high-energy, positive and fun people. 

On the first day, everyone introduced themselves and talked about what they did in the project. I presented my own video, which explains my project comprehensively.

The video was highly appreciated. Since Dani is also a life coach, we started our second day with meditation. I can say that it was my favorite day, I felt very relaxed and peaceful. I needed this.

Apart from that, we did the simple tasks given to us. We started the third day by doing sports. Playing sports online seemed a little funny, but now that we got to know each other, it was a fun activity. We introduced our countries and talked about our interesting features. On the fourth day, we meditated again as a result of my insistence. Dani is really good at this job!

 On the last day, we talked about the difficulties we experienced in the project. We talked about how we tackled these challenges.

I guess because it was the last day, people got bored and the number of participation decreased.

But Dani and Di always tried to keep our motivation high and tried very hard not to get bored.

If I had to evaluate the training, I think very important issues were discussed and information was given. And we had the opportunity to meet many active and friendly people in our group.

In my opinion, the role of educators is very important in such trainings. And our luck is that we joined Dani and Di's show. I would have liked to have face-to-face education and meet these wonderful people, but the pandemic just didn't allow it. I hope we meet again and take part in different events.

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